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  1. gsmpower
  2. materasgsm
  3. junior vip cell
    junior vip cell
    530h/ds firmwere ???
  4. lalltomato
    demons in mind,
  5. rudolph samaroo
    rudolph samaroo
    I need update for my tv model NU58H5203
  6. yusuffin
  7. akhter
    My phone is gionee m5 and I want to update marshmallow firmware
  8. akhter
    Gionee m5 marshmallow
  9. Nani666
  10. NasDarq
    NasDarq ManhIT
    Hey in the G930P stock files page you listed GRACEQLTE_USA_SPR.pit but I can't download the file. Without the file I get to 99% flash and it failed. Please help or share the file
  11. taktan
    taktan SamFirm.NET
    In box With Me
  12. Nabeel Xiddiqui
    Nabeel Xiddiqui
    If You want any help dont be hesitate to contact me
  13. Michal Thant
  14. Micro man82
    Micro man82
    god see you
  15. Titobibo
    Titobibo ManhIT
    Bạn ơi cho mình xin file pit 6.0 920L đc k ạ ? Bản G920LKLU3DPAD ạ.
  16. XDelete1004