ROM FULL Galaxy A9 SM-A9000 Hong Kong (TGY) - A9000ZHU1APA8/TGY

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    Firmware/Rom full Galaxy A9 SM-A9000 ( TGY) Hong Kong - Global, Google services support, PIT file A9000 Hong Kong - A9000ZHU1APA8

    rom galaxy a9 a900 hong kong.jpg

    [Official] Rom full Galaxy A9 SM-A9000 Hong Kong (TGY)

    Firmware info
    • Model name: Galaxy A9
    • Model: SM-A9000
    • Country: Hong Kong
    • Version Android: Android 5.1.1
    • Changelist: 6677002
    • Region code: TGY
    • PDA: A9000ZHU1APA8
    • CSC: A9000ZZH1APA8
    • More info: Global Rom - all language & Google services support


    You need pay to download this firmware!​

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    Bạn có thể mail cho mình file
    • A9XLTE_CHN_HK.pit được không ạ ! mình không có thẻ visa, nếu được bạn mail cho mình số TK BIDV hoặc Vietinbank mình ck, cám ơn.
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    Đã ck, bạn kiểm tra giúp. cám ơn !
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    bạn check mail nhé
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    Ok, up hoàn tất, cám ơn bạn !
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    Hi Bro, i try to donate but getting error message, what should i do to download the files? thx
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    Send mail to

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