Root Kernel Root Galaxy S7 Active G891A - Full SuperSU 2.78

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    How to Root Galaxy S7 Active G891A Android 6.0.1


    1. Flash Stock firmware G891AUCS2API2 via Odin
    2. Enable USB Debugging on your phone and connect the phone to PC
    3. Unzip SuperSU Root G891A file (password: ), flash file G891AUCT1APH1_ROOT_KERNEL_MANHIT.tar.md5 via Odin
    4. Run file Push.bat and wait few minute, auto-open a new command prompt window and type:
      adb shell
      mount -o remount,rw /system
      mount -o remount,rw rootfs /
      cp -f /data/local/tmp/ /system/etc/
      cp -f /data/local/tmp/su.img /data/su.img
      cp -f /data/local/tmp/Superuser.apk /data/SuperSU.apk
      touch /system/xbin/su
      chmod 0755 /system/xbin/su
      chcon u:object_r:system_file:s0 /system/xbin/su
      chmod 0700 /system/etc/
      chcon u:object_r:su_exec:s0 /system/etc/
      echo '/system/etc/' >> /system/etc/
    5. After rebooting, you should now see SuperSU app in your app drawer. Install and run any rooted app like Titanium Backup app to confirm you have full root. Congrats!

    Download Odin tool latest & flash Samsung firmware instructions

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  2. donny

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    hi please password file thanks
  3. SamFirm.NET

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  4. Chad morgan

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    Hey I understand the method looks all legit. Just had one question... was wondering why it is you used a stock rom and also if its possible to do a custom rom instead. It's good to at least install custom rom files after ur procedure.
  5. Chad morgan

    Chad morgan New Member

    Thanks to BTW :)

    It's a pretty nice straight forward tutorial easy to follow along. Can't wait to try it out
  6. dowens82ny

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    This is fake Do not trust. Password on rar. author non responsive. AT YOUR OWN RISK
  7. Ethedieselp

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    This was amazing, but today after 3 days of running fine I turn my phone after it died and lost root. Is this not persistent?

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